Office Experience

There is a new way of working and it is here to stay. Colony is a different type of animal, providing its tenants serviced green design with a hybrid offering. Getting back to the office should be something to long for, we provide you with a workplace packed with services, inspiring design, a sustainable environment and a hybrid set-up to meet your everyday needs.

  • Service

    We believe in a workplace that is alive around the clock. We provide our tenants with a serviced offering in a dynamic environment where we combine flexible workspace with high-quality amenities such as a restaurants, fully-equipped gyms, padel courts and golf simulators. We want to create an attractive space well beyond a desk, where work and life can meet and co-exist.

  • Green

    We provide green premises where we strive towards making the world a better place together with our tenants. ESG is at the very core of what we do but perfection is attained by slow degrees and requires time. By letting sustainability be part of all decision-making, high and low, we are determined to be part of a transition into a better future.

  • Design

    Quality offices with a high degree of design ensures an incomparable experience for the individual employee. In close collaboration with field experts such as architects and interior designers we aim at creating an after-sought environment which inspires and where employees can thrive.

  • Hybrid

    By creating a hybrid offering to cater the needs of our tenants and their employees we can balance the benefits of being in the office with the benefits of working from home. As a tenant and employee you will have access to all shared space of all our locations, with no regard to where you have your headquarters. You can have your desk in Leppävaara, work from the lounge in Pitäjänmäki and play golf in Tapiola. Flexibility for your convenience.


CORE offices to meet the needs of companies that seek an attractive workplace for the long run


FURNISHED-FLEX studios to provide a solution for small and/or growing companies that value flexibility


HYBRID spaces where we combine a flexible environment with amenities and service around the clock


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